Emigre magazine:
design, discourse and authourship

Emigre magazine (1984–2005) was a provocative fusion of self-initiated publishing, critical writing, and experimental typography. Co-curated with Rick Poynor, the exhibition investigated a key period in the development of graphic design as a mode of authorship and showed how Emigre’s typefaces and page designs embodied new thinking about the designer’s role in communication.

In Use: Triplex and Triplex Italic by Zuzana Licko and John Downer


Thinking of reading War and Peace in a Grotesque-looking page might seem odd. The design of this series of annotated texts – from Rilke and Laozi to Shakespeare and Tolstoy – proposes a ‘consistently inconsistent’ look.

In Use: Gerard Unger’s Demos, Praxis, & ITC Flora




Radical Ideas

A selection of theorists thought of being avant-garde, even radical in their particular context, act as a stepping stone to question the conventions related to the form of a book series. Approaching the design proposal from a differentiating point of view instead of a unifying one, each book aims to be different from the next in format, print method, and/or binding, responding to the needs of the text.

In Use: FF Meta by Erik Spiekermann


Lettering studies


Manuel Vicente, Plot and Emotion — Macau

Publication to support the launch of the exhibition of arch. Manuel Vicente’s work in Macau. Adaptation to Mandarin of the concept designed by Itemzero for the itinerant exhibition.

In Use: Hiragino Kaku Gothic and Hiragino Sans by Osamu Torinoumi and Tsutomu Suzuki


From Portugal. London based. Interested in words and letters.

I am a typographer and book designer working as a Senior Text Designer at Penguin Books and always looking to meet people doing interesting work.

Since 2012, I have been collaborating with independent publishers and studios on several books, magazines, exhibitions, type design, and lettering projects.

My interest in the relationship between writing and design brought me to the UK and to a MA at Reading University. I have focused on the role of the designer as editor and critic and curated an exhibition on design, discourse, and authorship.

I am also part of the Designers + Cultural Workers branch of United Voices of the World.

Currently Senior Text Designer at Penguin Books, UK
Website in Mrs Eaves XL
PDF portfolio available on request

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